Archipelago Moon - 80x120cm
Archipelago Moon - 80x120cm

Archipelago Moon - 80x120cm

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Archipelago Moon

The ebb and flow of the tide leaves her mark on the rocks of the archipelago just as the ebb and flow of the course of our life leave a mark on the soul of who we are.
As the moon rises stand in this place of ancient beauty and remember the life that you have had.
To take the good and the not so, and feel grateful for the ebb and flow that has made you who you are today.

Imagine the pleasure you will feel when you live with an original piece of artwork, perhaps you have had the trip of a lifetime here, or it is a reminder of a place you once knew.   


80 x 120 cm

Oil on Aluminium Composite panel, triple sealed, these works are totally archival.