2021 Collection release "Flying"
 Hello and thank you for joining me, this is my first collection release.  So at this point I would like to thank you for your support, and welcome you to 'Flying'...keep scrolling, just want to give you a little more of the story.

I started this collection with ten 40x40cm panels of ACP
and the thought that I would paint a collection of works the same size,

however I do have the tendency to be distracted from task. ..... I could not resist a couple of larger pieces.

And there is now a very special offer I would like to extend to the person who would like this piece in their home.

Welcome to the Collection 'Flying'

"Flying" 2021 Collection

I love flying, I marvel at the view from above, the natural patterning, the merge of colour, the ability to see what cannot be seen from the land.  I hope you enjoy this collection inspired by flying.
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