Suzy French Art

The Ripple Effect - 80x150cm


The Ripple Effect

The connection of a mother to her child and the child to the mother is the strongest bond of humanity.  When this bond is broken be it through separation, disconnection, death, the repercussions will be felt though out the child’s life and the ripple effect has the potential to touch the generations to follow.

The last indigenous children to be taken forcibly from their families was in 1970.
As you stand before this work today I ask that you take the time to reflect on your own child, your mother, father, brothers, sisters.…and one….. without the other.                                         
With thanks to conversations held with Tania Bin Bakar and her team, Stolen Generation, Broome, WA.
Suzy French

Oil on Canvas

80 x 150 cm

Ready to hang, painted around edges

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