Suzy French Art

Edge of the ocean


Edge of the ocean

It is still, quiet, …. isolated….now, and we are the only ones here.   I am present in this country of extremes, the water washes in, the lace dances across the white sand,  I drink in the moment and feel I hear what this land has to tell me. I allow the rhythm of the water to soothe my soul and remind me I am in the presence of something greater than now.

Fitted with a folding stand, these artworks are perfect for a table, office desk or mantle, they are light weight and stunningly beautiful.  I paint onto triple sealed aluminium composite panels.   The panels are totally archival, will never warp or buckle, the are so resilient they can be used in an out door living space.

Oil on aluminium composite

45x5 x 17.5 cm


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